May 10, 2021

Will Apple’s Privacy Choices Kill Your Digital Marketing?

Joshua Tijerina
Will Apple’s Privacy Choices Kill Your Digital Marketing?

This month (May 2021, if you’re reading this later) Apple released a rule that all apps must ask the user before they can gather data on them. Facebook has admitted this is going to hurt their ad business, and claims that it will also hurt small businesses that depend on their ad platform as well. 

Let’s deal with Facebook’s claims first.

So far as hurting Facebook the answer is absolutely. The current data says that 93% of users are opting out of Facebook’s data tracking. Is this going to hurt small businesses? Or is Facebook just blowing smoke? As a marketing agency we know that this will, in fact, hurt small businesses. So many businesses depend on the ability to use Facebook to find the right audience to sell their product. 

But is the threat as big as Facebook says it is?

The answer to that is no. A marketing agency — a GOOD marketing agency — is going to find your audience, and there are a ton of ways to do just that. As marketers we cannot rely on singular platforms, and neither should organizations or businesses. All this means is that there will be hiccups, maybe even big hiccups, in the future. Some are even saying ad costs are already climbing. Him + Her Digital Co. is not experiencing this yet. In fact, the month of May proved to be one of our most successful on Facebook! 

If you are an organization or business that is looking to grow and convert audiences, then it is more important to worry about hiring a good agency that can creatively deal with these issues rather than worrying about what Facebook is going to do. 

I would argue that Him + Her Digital Co. is one such agency, and we’ve proven it… but perhaps I am a little biased. 😂