Case Study

Creating A Campaign To Highlight The Importance of Black Lives

Graphic Design
Students for Life of America

The George Floyd death was a difficult time to navigate for organizations. For many organizations their mission didn’t necessarily fit the narrative, but it was such a powerful force on social it felt necessary to say something. Nevertheless, how would an organization engage the important social subject without engaging the political messaging that was dividing the country at the moment?

The Situation

Students for Life of America reached out to Him + Her Digital co. to solve this dilemma, and we decided on a campaign that demonstrated that life was precious, but also using imagery that resonated with the sentiments being expressed in America.  


Him + Her Digital Co. launched a graphic campaign that focused on the client’s pro-life mission and the value of life. The result was a design that was emotionally impactful and engaged the varied audience of our client’s social channels. 

Social Media Graphics created for the Campaign

Issues We Faced

Subject Matter

This issue was serious, and very politically charged. The battles between political ideologies was apparent in the issue, but individuals from the entire political spectrum can be pro-life. As such, Him + Her Digital Co. decided to embrace the client’s mission in a tasteful way that emphasized the value of human life.

Insight: People are complex, and a marketing agency needs to assess the message from all angles. Sometimes an organization should stay out of the fray. Other times it is necessary to engage and deal with fallout. Him + Her Digital Co. encouraged our client to engage as we believed we could deliver on a campaign that was sensitive, emotional, and within mission. 

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