Case Study

Turning Facebook Likes To Donors

Digital Marketing
The Veil Removed

A lot of organizations pour money into Facebook trying to get Likes and engagement thinking they have to do this. It’s just part of the game, right? After doing this for a while organizations start to ask the right question: Why am I doing this? What is the tangible value? The answer? It is a great audience to source donations… if you have the right strategy.

The Situation

The Veil Removed came to Him + Her Digital Co. asking us to turn their Facebook Likes into donors. We put together a strategy to do just that. 


Facebook owns your organization’s audience, so how do you get to them on the consistent basis needed to build enough of a relationship to get donations. 


Him + Her Digital Co. targeted the client’s Facebook following with a campaign specifically optimized for their audience and acquired thousands of emails for pennies a piece with over 90% confirmed as Facebook followers. We then entered the newly acquired emails into a drip campaign to solicit donations. 

Issues We Faced

Graphic Design

The imagery had to be something that would stand out, but also really speak to their Facebook audience. We took some images that consistently worked, and then added some design flare to really catch the eye of their Facebook followers. 

Insight: Him + Her Digital Co. handles the clients social channels, so that was helpful to give us insight as to what worked and what doesn’t work with the brand look and feel. 


Anyone can target a Facebook audience. Him + Her Digital Co. did the research to figure out what micro-demographics within the Facebook audience would be most likely to offer their email addresses. 

Insight: It is not enough to just know Facebook’s data tools, as it takes research and creativity to take the tools and expand them to their limits to achieve the best results. 

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