Case Study

Equality Act Campaign

Graphic Design, Digital Marketing
My Faith Votes

The House of Representatives voted 224 to 206 on February 25, 2021, to push forward the Equality Act (H.R.5). It was to be sent to the Senate for a vote. With an evenly divided Senate, this dangerous legislation now hung in the balance. As one of his top priorities for his first 100 days in office, President Joe Biden is expected to sign the legislation into law if it is passed. It became crucial that My Faith Votes launched a campaign to let Senators know to oppose the legislation.

The Situation

My Faith Votes wanted to get as many people as possible to alert their Senators to oppose this Act. My Faith Votes came to Him + Her Digital Co. wanting to drive traffic to their landing page where concerned citizens could contact their Senators. 


The campaign was launched and did not perform well. The campaign needed to be optimized in order for My Faith Votes to keep the campaign running. 


Him + Her Digital Co. optimized the campaign and delivered a 600% improvement in cost-per-conversion. In this case a conversion was a person submitting their comments to their Senator.

Issues We Faced

Landing Page

The traffic for the campaign was there, but the landing page needed to be reworked in order to offer a stronger sense of urgency, do a better job of explaining the Act to concerned citizens, and getting them to convert.

Insight: We were driving enough traffic, but the traffic was not converting, so we first tackled the landing page to ensure that it was optimized for conversion. The insights we gained were to drive urgency, shorten the copy, and ensure that the explanation of complex issues did not get in the way of conversions.


The image for the campaign ads went through three different testing variations to find the right image to increase conversions.

Insight: When testing the three different images we tried a patriotic image that would invoke the spirit of the audience, and while it drove traffic it did not convert. We then tried to simplify with no image as the issue is certainly complex. Again, it drove traffic, but failed to convert at the level we were looking for. Finally, we decided to engage the audience with nuance. Instead of discussing the controversial issue of gender roles we showed them by displaying the Biblical construction of family. Ultimately, this nuance helped increase conversion.


We were driving traffic to the landing page, but it was not converting. So, while we were finding success on our part, the end result was not there. As such, we constructed a different audience based on insights we gained from the My Faith Votes Facebook Page in order to get people that would convert to the landing page. 

Insight: We were hearing from My Faith Votes that their other audiences, including Facebook, were really resonating with the campaign, but the ads were not. As such, Him + Her Digital Co. targeted the Facebook and lookalike audiences, which ultimately drove the cost-per-conversion down by 600%. 

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